Author: Kara MacMillan

Crew is Two!

Time flies when you are a busy family of four. It seems like yesterday that we were bringing this little guy home from the hospital. A lot has changed in these two years. We were able to celebrate with our family a couple weekends ago with an all things transportation party. Crew is the best

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Start with the why…answers at last

There were a couple of months between our follow-up conversation with Mayo and our regularly scheduled Neurology and Genetic appointments at the University of Michigan.  We continued on with Camden’s twice a week Speech and Occupational Therapy, once a week Physical Therapy and ECCS Preschool (4 days a week). In early January we were back up

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Mayo Follow Up…Answers?

On Monday November 6 at 5:15pm we had our video ‘appointment’ with Dr Renaud as a follow-up to our visit out at Mayo.  We did our trial video appointment a few days prior to make sure everything was working properly so when this day came we would seamlessly slid right into our virtual appointment.  Craig

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