Crew is Two!

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Time flies when you are a busy family of four. It seems like yesterday that we were bringing this little guy home from the hospital. A lot has changed in these two years.

We were able to celebrate with our family a couple weekends ago with an all things transportation party.

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Crew is the best little brother. I know a lot of people often say this about their younger children but this guy takes the cake. His compassion and care towards his differently abled big brother is the most heart warming experience. He can sense when Camden is struggling and is right there to assist him with his needs. You will often find him finding a toy for Camden and bringing it to him and saying ‘here Camden’ when Camden is wandering around the house (looking for something). He gives him hugs and kisses when he is frustrated or sad and best of all they are the best of buds. They run, play and have so much fun together.

Crew is a light not just in Camden’s life but in everyone’s. He is happy, goofy, curious and most of all, such a love bug! He loves buses, trucks, trains, ‘stops’ (stop signs), books, Little Blue Truck, Paw Patrol and so much more. He is such a gift that was placed into our family and we could not be more grateful. Happy 2nd Birthday Crewbert Gregory Margaret MacMillan! We love you to the moon and back!

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3 C’s and a K

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